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Live: Narendra Modi addresses fully packed stadium at Hyderabad - Daily News & Analysis

BJP leaders from Andhra Pradesh welcome Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi in Hyderabad.

BJP leaders from Andhra Pradesh welcome Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi in Hyderabad. - IANS

Amid tight security, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi arrived on Sunday morning for a public meeting, the first after he became Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) national campaign committee chairman.

About 5,000 policemen had been deployed. There were traffic restrictions from 2 pm to 7 pm around Lal Bahadur (L.B.) Stadium.

Thousands of people turned up at the stadium to hear Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The stadium, in the heart of the city, was filled to its capacity by 2 pm, two hours before Modi reached the venue.

The gates were shut by the organizers and police, who had a tough time in controlling the surging crowds.

Those who could not be accommodated in the stadium were advised to gather in the nearby Nizam College Grounds where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) put up LED screens to beam the public meeting live.

BJP leaders said a total of 120,000 people registered themselves for the meeting. The stadium has a capacity of 70,000.

 Modi began his speech by greeting the crowd in Telugu

Excerpts from his speech:
* I appreciate people of Hyderabad for attending this rally.

* The country is losing faith in politics and politicians. The current issues revolving around the country has broken the trust of the citizens.

* Many youths are attending this rally. Many greeted me outside the stadium. I want to thank all of them. There might not be space in the stadium to accommodate all of you but in my hearts there is a place for all of you.

* Whenever I get the time, I would like to come back to Andhra and meet all the rest who i could not address today.

* The Centre is playing votebank politics over immigrants from Bangladesh.

* Government is playing votebank politics,instead of stopping immigrants from Bangladesh,they are being welcomed.

* Youth is worried about India. I am worried about the youth.

* You celebrate September 17 as Hyderabad liberation day. I'm fortunate as that day is my birthday too.

* Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have the highest suicide rates for the youth. Congress rules both states.

* BJP has supported Telangana since the beginning. If UPA had supported Telangana then why did they not come up with a capital.

* Gujarat is home to 6 lakh Telugu speaking people. We live together, work together harmoniously.

* The word inclusive growth is imperative. Congress in 60 years has done nothing 'inclusive'.

* We should aim to ensure that Andhra & Telangana progresses and does so much development that it goes ahead of Gujarat.

* Poor had food when Vajpayee was in power. Food Security necessitated by what Congress did to poor.

* Congress is talking of Food Security Bill after snatching the roti from the poor.

* Under trials in jails don't get bail, but Italian marines who shot Indian fishermen got bail.

* Instead of criticising China, Foreign Minister said Beijing is so awesome I feel like living there.

* Modi questions UPA government's Pakistan policy in the wake of the LoC attack in which 5 jawans were killed.

* Today, the country dreams of a Congress free India. NDA has shown examples of good governance across India.

* I am in AP and I want to remember NTR. He gave fillip to anti-Congress politics. The best tribute to him would be a "Congress-mukt Bharat". This must be the priority of anyone who lays claim to NTR's legacy. Telugu Desam, who has NTR's legacy, must see that his dream is realised.

* Today the age of Finance Minister equals the price of the Dollar.

* They are rubbing salt into the wounds of India's citizens.

* At one time the world came to study in Hyderabad. Now our youths are not even getting the education they seek. Demographic dividend is of no use until youth does not have employment.

* We speak of demographic dividend - we have 65% population under the age of 35 but if we can't provide employment, then you can  imagine what will happen to India.

* I want to tell Congress leaders in AP - if you hate Gujarat, don't look at us. But look at neighbouring Tamil Nadu where Jayalalithaa has invested in skill development.

* Our leader LK Advani went around the country demanding that black money be brought back to India. I want to know what problems the government has in getting the black money back? This begs the question - whose money is this that is lying in foreign banks?

* I have come to Hyderabad with a sentiment that shouts 'India First'.

* He urges the crowd to shout "Yes! we can' and 'Yes! will do'.

* He then ended his speech by encouraging the crowd to shout slogans of 'Jai Andhra', Jai Seemandhra' and 'Jai Telangana'.
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